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Holmes Shoe Repair

Downtown St Petersburg Since 1946

Red Alert!

Holmes Shoe Repair is open for pick up only at downtown.

Regular Hours

Mon Tues Thurs Fri

8am to 4;30pm

New Location is 5501 28 Street North Suite #5 and will be up and running soon!

Our new location will be in full swing just as soon as I can make it happen.

This page updated by me @ 3:31 PM 5.19.18

Thank you in advance for your understanding during this transition.


Dawn and I want to say Thank You to You!

Thank you Downtown for letting us serve you!

For 35 years you watched us  grow up as we have watched you grow

When I was 20 yrs old I didn't know where this was going, only to find out that my experience has been truly awesome :)

I have loved downtown for 35 years, however, I will have to love another place now, even if here online if no where else

The machines will land somewhere and this pair of hands will be there using them!

The Machines have Found a landing @ 5501 28 Street North Suite #5


My 9 foot Landis 400 Line Finisher has been moved and resides in its new location!

My Sutton Compact Finisher has arrived!

My Landis 12K curve needle stitcher and Landis McKay88 have yet to be moved.

I maybe leaving downtown, however this cobbler isn't done yet so stay tuned in!



My name is Earl

I am a fourth generation shoe repairman with 40 years experience

I am the third owner

Shoe Modifications are my Specialty and Passion

I am the person that answers the phone when you call

I am the person that performs all the repairs and modifications

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